7 Tips to Prevent Ransomware

Aug 2nd 2019

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that aims to extort money from its victims. It is popularly known as cryptoviral extortion, it encrypts the victim’s files and threatens to publish your data or block your access to it until ransom is paid. The sole aim of this software is to extort money from the victims by denying access to their data.  Most of the times it targets high profile systems such as the police depart...
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Can DNA be a Permanent Data Storage Solution?

Apr 12th 2016

     Luis Ceze, a professor at the University of Washington Computer Science Department, states that “a large part of building better computers is about finding better materials to build computers with”. As we reach the limits of what traditional silicon is able to handle, we are now looking in a very strange place to store all of our data: Our DNA.     Ceze, along with many other researchers at the University...
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