Who is TekBoost?
TekBoost is a leading provider of pre-owned, re-certified servers, hardware and networking equipment for businesses, government, and end users.

What does TekBoost Do?
TekBoost buys and sells servers, hardware, and networking equipment through a variety of channels.

What makes TekBoost different from everyone else?
TekBoost focuses on providing the best prices and a high level of customer service.  Our knowledgeable support team works hard every day to provide our customers and clients with the best experience possible.

How long has TekBoost been in business?
We have been in business since February 2003.

Where is TekBoost located?
TekBoost is located at 8868 Research Blvd, Ste 207, Austin, TX 78758, USA.  Directions to our locations can be found on our Contact Us page.

What type of products does TekBoost carry?
We carry Dell, HP, IBM, Cisco, Juniper, and Foundry (Brocade).

Does TekBoost keep everything in stock?
Since our goal is to be the number one provider for IT equipment, we do have a large amount of inventory in stock at all times. However, if we don't happen to have exactly what you are looking for, we can go through our vast network of suppliers and provide you with a solution within a 24-48 hour period.

What is TekBoosts warranty?
Warranty periods vary from piece to piece, but all items come with a minimum 30 day warranty unless indicated otherwise.

How does TekBoost ship?
We use both FedEx and UPS to meet your delivery requirements.

Does TekBoost provide technical support?
We are here to help you with your purchase from start to finish. Our Account Managers are able to answer any questions you may have prior to your purchase.  In order to maintain a high turn around time to all of our customers, we are able to provide limited troubleshooting support.

How does TekBoost handle defective equipment?
Depending on the issue you are having with your equipment, we will either repair or replace any product that isn't working properly.  Should the rare case of not being able to repair or replace the product, we will issue a refund for the full purchase price within the warranty period.

Does TekBoost sell internationally?
Yes, although there are certain requirements for completing an international purchase.  Please contact us by phone or email for more information.

What is the MSRP price shown on TekBoost Products?
The MSRP is the price of the item when it was brand new from the manufacturer.  Since many of the refurbished models may no longer be sold by manufacturer, these prices may be estimates of the item when it was new.