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About US


We sell used servers in Austin, Texas.

Our target market is companies and other computer professionals who have existing expertise in the IT arena.   Our focus is on price and quality. 


We constantly strive to deliver the best pricing in the market by:

  • Controlling our overhead costs 
  • Expanding our sourcing network to as many areas as possible. 

Overhead costs

We use a closed loop system to constantly analyze our performance metrics.  We measure all processes and use this information to streamline our activities.  All cost savings are then passed on to our customers in the form of lower prices.

Sourcing network

We leverage thousands of sources to obtain products and through our knowledge of the market and our competitive buying, bring you the lowest price possible.  Our sourcing network includes thousands of leasing companies, private held companies, publicly traded companies, wholesalers, recyclers, bankruptcies/auctions, and liquidations.


Each and every product is tested to conform to the manufacturer’s original specification.  In addition, to our stringent testing, we provide a warranty on all items to give you added assurance.  We also transfer where possible, any remaining Manufacturer’s warranty as an added benefit.  In 2012, our quality programs resulted in a 99.97% success rate.  

If you require on-site warranties, we have contracted with a 3rd party warranty provider that provides this service.

Use of manufacturer names, logos and trademarks is intended as “fair use” only for the independent resale of their products, and, unless stated explicitly, does not imply any affiliation with or sponsorship by the manufacturers.
Dell, HP, Acer, Gateway, Apple and other systems may be Refurbished, Off-Lease or Pre-Owned − please see description for more details.