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Posted by on Oct 19th 2020

The rising number of Coronavirus cases has contributed to the high number of employees working from home. According to a survey conducted in March by the CNBC technology executive council, 85% of organizations have half of their workforces operating from home.Additionally, 25% of organizations are running remotely. This is a cause for concern for cybersecurity experts. 36% of those who participated in CNBC’s survey reported a rise in cyber threat… Read more
Ransomware is a type of malicious software that aims to extort money from its victims. It is popularly known as cryptoviral extortion, it encrypts the victim’s files and threatens to publish your data or block your access to it until ransom is paid. The sole aim of this software is to extort money from the victims by denying access to their data.  Most of the times it targets high profile systems such as the police depart… Read more
FaceApp is a mobile application, which was developed in Russia. It transforms your facial features through artificial intelligence (AI) with just one tap. If you notice during the last couple of weeks, your social media accounts must have been filled with young, older and gender changed photos of your friends and family member, it’s all because of the application FaceApp.With just the press of one button, this application can change your en… Read more
The cutthroat completion in the market has made the battle of survival tougher than ever. Apart from the situation of survival, a business requires remarkable efforts to come out on top and lead the industry. To stay in the completion and differentiate themselves, companies have started to take help of creative digital transformation.To move forward in the journey of success, organization have started benefiting from cloud computing and the… Read more

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