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The “Why” of the Tekboost MSP Program!

Although we are strictly a hardware reseller, we get requests from our customers to perform IT services. Since we do not provide services, we actively pursue relationships with MSPs (our current membership is over 1200 members) to whom we can refer our customers. We do not benefit or get paid for helping with this. This is strictly for the benefit of our customers and our MSP membership.

What it isn’t!

This is not a lead generation service and we do not guarantee you customers. As such, THERE IS NO CHARGE or any obligation to join the MSP program.

This is not a marketing ploy. Although we do send out a MSP flyer monthly, this is strictly voluntary and you can opt out at any time without impacting your membership in the program.

What our program offers you!

There are several ways you can generate additional income or otherwise benefit from this program:

  1. Based on location and requirements, we forward customers needing IT services. If a customer requests services from us, we provide them names of MSPs in their area and ask them to do their own due diligence. It then becomes an issue between our customer and the MSP as to what relationship they establish, be it a one-time service request or an ongoing contractual relationship. We actively pursue IT Service engagements when speaking to our customers and also have a Service Request section on our webstore to generate more opportunities. Due to legal exposure, we cannot recommend or refer a MSP.  
  2. We connect MSPs through our MSP project exchange program. Periodically we are contacted by MSPs asking for assistance with project work and we connect them with MSPs that are in the area where the work must be done. When you initially sign up, we ask relevant information and use this to determine a match. All you have to do is get a login as a MSP in our webstore and you’ll have access to the automated MSP Exchange program where you can enter the project work you need done. We will then get you in contact with MSPs that may be able to assist you.
  3. Lastly, there are the higher margins our MSPs make by reselling equipment obtained from us. Based on 2016 figures obtained from current MSP members, the average markup is 30 to 35%.
  4. If you currently use other vendors, we can help you validate their quotes. We are experts in the refurbished hardware market and can lend our knowledge to help you determine if you are getting a good deal.
Cloud Migrations!

For those clients of yours that are moving to the cloud, we would be a good source to purchase equipment they may no longer need. We pay a finder’s fee of 10% of the purchase price for those referrals. In addition, we can wipe data to DOD standards and can provide a certificate of destruction for equipment purchased.

Future enhancements!

This is the “vaporware” part. Although we can’t promise these, we are working to:

  1. Upon the establishment of a national network, we may use this network to provide on-site support. We plan to use interested MSP partners to perform the work on our behalf.
  2. Create a centralized source for Laptop, PC, Workstation, and Servers configurations. Project slated to start September 2017.
  3. Create a knowledge base where MSPs can exchange ideas and solutions to problems. Project slated to start September 2017.


The MSP program was created with the assistance of our current MSP members. If you have other ideas on how to enhance this program, please pass those on to us and we will look to incorporate them into the program.

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